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If you are looking for candyfloss, cotton candy or fairyfloss you have come to the right place! We hire candy floss stalls and machines in the south east of England including London.

We cater for all types of event and occasions including:- Family fundays, weddings, parties, discos/nightclubs, bar mitzvahs and have even done exhibitions – a very novel way of attracting people to your stand. having a stall that serves either candyfloss or popcorn at exhibitions or conferences has really set our clients out from the crowd, having something novel to stop passers by is essential to maximise your presence at the exhibition. popcorn is really good for this as the aroma of freshly popped corn usually draws people from a distance to come and see where they can get their freebies from!

We have also attended many conferences, especially in Brighton, serving our popcorn and candylfoss to people in break out sessions. this really fits in well with the Brighton theme.

Our candy floss machines and carts definitely add a “wow” factor to any event with the wonderful smells and huge sticks offluffy fresh candy floss. we usually serve floss on a stick although we are happy to supply it in bags as well. just ask when making a booking. We have a large variety of flavours although 905 of our events ask for the traditional pink floss. my personal favourite at the moment is the green apple floss.

We also provide toffee apples, chocolate apples, traditional sweets and freshly popped popcorn from one of our machines.

Everyone always watches in wonder when we arrive at events, its not everyday you see candy floss being spun in front of you! They usually ask about how the machine works and who came up with idea! So after a little bit of research we couldnt believe it when it turned out that candy floss was invented by a dentist! Apparently William Morrison (the dentist) and his colleague John C Wharton who was a confectioner present their cotton candy machine to the world at the 1904 worlds fair. This, by all accounts, was a sucess selling nearly 70,000 boxes - I wish we could go to an event an sell 70,000 boxes!!!

The machine works by heating the sugar to melting point and then when it turns to a liquid it is able to pass through the gauze in the centre of the machine and being so thin it cools instatntly forming the solidified spun sugar which we know as candy floss. candy floss is enjoyed the world over and we have often heard it refered to by other names such as fairy floss, cotton candy, ba ba ba(french), foy serwan (thai).

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